The Motorcycle Racing Boots by Vanguard Boots have been carefully crafted into a chic design to provide comfortability and versatility while giving the rider complete protection and better performance. The economics of the boots has been refined to the extent as provide an increased level of anatomical reliability. The racing boots have been made to provide the ankle region the required level of relaxation and flexibility to riding for long durations, and a minimum amount of resistance. Whether you are playing at the back roads or a race track, the racing boots are to provide you with a design that offers dexterity, high performance, and protection without compromising the outline. These motorcycle boots incorporate an innovative design on the front, rear, and calf zones to provide superior levels of flexibility. These boots have been constructed from microfiber material to provide durability for a long duration and are abrasion-resistant. Breathable mesh on the inside provides air vents to reduce fatigue levels on both long and short rides.

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