Motorcycle Drag Racing Shoes


  • Upper: PU leather
  • TPU Molded Heel, shin & ankle guard
  • Shock Absorbing EVA foam on flex panel
  • Polyester lining with open cell foam for comfort
  • Thermoplastic Toecap and heel
  • Auto-lock YKK zip with adjustable Velcro flap
  • Anti-twist molded Nylon midsole
  • Vulcanized high-density Anti-slip sole
  • TPU Shift pad
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Motorcycle Drag Racing Shoes

These Motorcycle drag racing shoes by Vanguard Boots are made with premium quality and genuine polyurethane leather that are waterproofed to meet your needs while proving a comfortable fit with a stylish exterior. These motorcycle shoes are lined with polyester lining with the open cell foam design to provide the wearer with extra comfort and ease guaranteed, letting them wear it for long durations even in warm weather.

The Vanguard Boots motorcycle drag racing shoes have an accordion at both front and backside to provide easy ankle movement while wearing. There is TPU hard protective material at the ankle and back heel to prevent the foot from being injured. In case of an unwanted accident, a shock-absorbing EVA foam is placed in the front flex panel. A thermoplastic toe cap and heel have also been installed on these motorcycle drag racing boots, to prevent the feet from getting hot from the outside environment.

All the boots are easy to wear and have relaxed usability. They have a TPU molded shin, heel, and ankle guard to provide additional protection to the wearer in case of a sudden incident.

For a comfortable and smooth fit, the boots come with auto-lock YKK zip along with adjustable Velcro flaps, providing the consumer with the option to bind as much to their liking. The anti-twist molded nylon midsole prevents the feet from getting sprained in case of a possible injury. On the bottom of the boots, there is a vulcanized high-density anti-slip sole which does not allow them to slip in case of wet or slippery surface. The TPU shift pad allows the user to be comfortable while riding the motorbike, even for long durations.

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