Lime Green Flat Track Racing Boots


  • Upper: PU leather
  • TPU Molded Heel, shin & ankle guard
  • Shock Absorbing EVA foam on flex panel
  • Polyester lining with open cell foam for comfort
  • Thermoplastic Toecap and heel
  • Auto-lock YKK zip with adjustable Velcro flap
  • Anti-twist molded Nylon midsole
  • Vulcanized high-density Anti-slip sole
  • TPU Shift pad
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Lime Green Flat Track Racing Boots

The Vanguard Boots Lime Green Flat Track Racing Boots are unique and specially designed for the single purpose of racing on the long track and flat track. The microfiber upper material is used for the exterior design of these flat racing boots. The exclusively designed boots have a durable reinforced sole with an adjustable heel which allows easy locking of the boot inside the footpeg and would not slide off.

The thermoplastic material used in the development of toecap and heel allows the boots on the soles to be dragged towards the side of the turn without getting extensively damaged. The styling incorporated in the production of these flat track racing boots is a distinctive mix of dirt elements and sports. The flexible material of the boots allows them to work well for the specified requirements of a flat track racer.

The exterior durability is majorly due to the usage of PU leather, along with a shock-absorbing EVA foam on the flex panel that allows minimum damage to the anatomy of the lower leg and foot due to long-duration riding.

The TPU molded heel, shin, and ankle guard provide wide-ranging protection in case of any incident that might occur on the road. The polyester lining in the interior of the racing boots gives an optimum environment for the feet, preventing them from getting uncomfortable and sweaty due to wearing them for long durations.

The auto-lock YKK zip with adjustable Velcro flap gives the rider control over the size and level of comfort they require during the wear of the flat track boots. Anti-twist molded nylon midsole prevent ligament damage and strain in case of foot twist on uneven ground surfaces. Vulcanized high-density anti-slip sole would not allow the boots to suddenly slip on the slippery or wet ground surfaces. TPU shift pad on the anterior prevents the boots from getting chafed while moving under the shift.

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