Adventure Riding Boots


  • Upper: PU Bonded Leather
  • Thermoplastic Toecap and heel
  • Shock Absorbing EVA foam on flex panel
  • TPU Molded Shin
  • Polyester lining with open cell foam for comfort
  • Adjustable Velcro flap
  • Adjustable Steel Buckles
  • Anti-twist midsole
  • Vulcanized high-density Anti-slip Rubber sole
  • TPU Shift pad
  • Waterproof
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Adventure Riding Boots

The Adventure Riding Boots offered by Vanguard Boots are premium-built, multiple high-quality material adventure touring riding boots that are completely packed with various world-class protective characteristics, including an advanced TPU molded shin plate and an advanced lateral ankle protective sheath with a supportive biomechanical linkage between the lower leg and foot anatomical structures.

The adventure riding boots are equipped with velcro straps and buckles that make it easier for the rider to rapidly wear them on and off, along with extra secure tightening of the boot and personalized closure facility according to the wearer’s preference. The buckles located on the upper portion of the boots are made out of durable steel, TPU, and glass fiber which is reinforced with a nylon compound material to provide an excellent presentation and weight saving.

All the steel buckles have been included with a memory system and rapid release and locking system for precise, quick, and safe closure of the boots with the rider’s preferential adjustments.

Every component which has been designed for these adventure riding boots is to provide the best performance and weight-saving regardless of the outside terrain or weather as they are lined with polyester with open-cell foam technology for additional comfort due to which they can easily be worn for long durations.

The thermoplastic toecap and heel prevent the feet from experiencing any harsh environment from the outside while the TPU shift pad prevents the upper leather material from getting rough while being under the shift paddle. Shock-absorbing EVA foam on the flex panel helps prevent the lower leg from getting injured in case of a sudden unexpected incident. The anti-twist midsole and vulcanized high-density anti-slip rubber sole give the boots additional gripping on rough ground or wet and slippery surfaces. The waterproof materials incorporated in the boots make them easier to be worn even on rainy days.

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