The Adventure Motorcycle Boots offered by Vanguard Boots are equipped with a leather material providing a vintage finish along with an interior lining made of polyester material with open-cell foam to provide the wearer with ease and comfort, limiting the levels of fatigue. The adventure boots would keep your feet dry for a long duration even in warm weather without limit the range of motion. The sole grip with double density provides a superb grip on the motorbike while providing the rider with a grippy but comfortable surface to walk on while being off the bike. The TPU molded shin pad gives the rider protection from any sudden impact or blunt force trauma, while the adjustable velcro straps and steel buckles on the sides give a comfortable but tight grip. The thermoplastic toecap and heel limit the heat from the outside to enter or injure the foot. The adventure motorcycle boots have an innovative design featuring an anti-twist midsole to prevent muscle sprain in case of fall.

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